Saturday 29th October 2011

I set the table for lunch with a few of my lady neighbours today.

We had a Vegetable Bake that I made last night and reheated before they arrived.

I had a few friends over for dinner tonight. I tried to cook the spicy potatoes that Ramona made for me the other night and it turned out great but I had to make some adjustments. For starters, I could have sworn I had turmeric at home, but I didn't. So, I used some saffron for a splash of colour and flavour. I also didn't have any green chillies at home so I added some sliced fresh spring onions for some colour. That's what cooking is all about...improvising and using what you have!

Sarah's Spanish Chicken Stew was delicious! Very tender chicken cooked for five hours!

Fleurette made Burritos to order!

After much deliberation, we took the maiden journey from my house to the video store on foot and spent the rest of the night trying to stay awake for a really really bad movie. *shudder*

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