Friday 28th October 2011

Tonight I was on the earlier shift so I was able to go to Mum's for dinner. For the last few days I was looking forward to a large bowl of wantan soup but when I got there, Jocelyn was eating Mum's Hainanese Chicken Rice. Mum was about to make up the wan tan dumplings but I told her not to bother and I tucked into the chicken! There was also a beef stirfry.

Christina had just returned from a short trip to Sydney and Melbourne and she brought out some goodies from Adriano Zumbo's Patisserie for us to enjoy with our coffee.

I forget the name - some sort of Almond Meal cookie. I enjoyed it because it wasn't sweet.

My blueberry plant is fruiting nicely. I picked three ripe blueberries and they were nice and sweet.

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