Tuesday 6th December 2011

The sage in my garden is growing very well.

The other day I was bored (only for a very brief moment!) and was doing my usual 'look in the pantry' thing even though I wasn't really hungry. I spied this packet of instant jellyfish and decided it would be a nice little snack.

I love jellyfish! I love how they serve it in Chinese restaurants with some shredded chicken but not many of my friends like eating it so I rarely get to order it when we go out. I saw this instant jellyfish at one of the Asian supermarkets and wanted to try it.

I followed the instructions on the packet...

I tipped out the jellyfish into a bowl. I was disappointed when I saw how much - or should I say, how little - there was! There was like two tablespoons!

I blanched the jellyfish with some boiling water and seasoned it with a few drops of sesame oil and the packet of seasoning that came with it. It was pretty stupid to go to all that effort for a few spoonfuls of jellyfish. Really stupid.

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