Monday 5th December 2011

What's for dinner tonight!? I had some lamb cutlets in the freezer that I thawed out overnight and marinated two ways.

Red Wine, Rosemary and Garlic

I panfried the cutlets and then made a gravy using the rest of the red wine marinade. What best to accompany the cutlets than some mashed potato!?

With the rest of the cutlets, I marinated them in some olive oil, lots of cajun spices and cayenne pepper. I panfried these and looked in the pantry for some cous cous.

I found this 'Pearl Cous Cous' that I bought a while ago. I've never used it before nor eaten it so I cooked it according to the packet's instructions.

In the lamb's pan juices, I fried some diced onion until they were soft.

I then added the cous cous pearls and fried that for a few minutes before adding some boiling chicken stock and seasoned it with a bit of cayenne pepper, some finely chopped fresh parsley, sea salt and cracked black pepper.

Cajun Lamb Cutlets on a bed of Spicy Pearl Cous Cous

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