Saturday 10th December 2011

The day began with Dim Sum!

This time we ordered the Rice Flour Roll with Prawns earlier and actually got it!

The Mango Pudding at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant is the best!

In the evening we went to the free WASO concert on the Esplanade foreshore. I've wanted to attend this annual event for a few years now but was always rostered to work on the night. This year I finally got the chance!

We enjoyed a gorgeous picnic before sunset and then settled down for the concert.

Shallen treated us to some Fish Crackers!!

It just so happened that tonight there would be a lunar eclipse - where the moon passes between the sun and earth. We drove up to Kings Park to watch it. Afterwards, we decided what better way to end the night than to go for supper at the Moon Cafe in Northbridge.

Spaghetti Bolognaise!

We weren't expecting to actually be mooned by a customer at the bar though!

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