Saturday 31st December 2011

So...another year almost over and a few more inches on the waistline.

After work I went to Benoit and Ivy's new house to help them prepare for their New Years Eve Tapas Party!

They had a menu printed out!

Braised Chorizo, Garlic and Shallots in Red Wine

Prosciutto-wraps with Mango Puree

Tuna Crustini with Tomato Salsa

Prawn Skewers

Smoked Salmon & French Onion Canape

Calabrese Bites

I helped to cook the skewers on the BBQ!

Candied Chicken Kebab
Pork Souvlaki with Mint Yoghurt
Sesame Chilli Vegetarian Skewers
Mango Saltimbocca Spikes
Teriyaki Nigiri

Chilli Crusted Medallions
Fries with Spicy Japanese Dip
Crisp Cinnamon Banana Boats

As you can see, a few of the items didn't make it to the table but there was more than enough food at the end of the night!

Ivy made these little prawn cakes and we thought they looked much like little burger patties. So, using our culinary ingenuity, we turned them into mini burgers!

Lovely food, Fantastic company, a wonderful year all round!

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