Sunday 1st January 2012


I did intend for one of my resolutions this year to be to keep on top of my blogging. Oops! I'm about a month behind on my posts! I must prioritise my spare time better and motivate myself more!

This morning I woke up extra early and went for my second day of abalone fishing. It looked overcast in the morning and I was going to stay in bed but then decided I really should make an effort and make the most of the license that I purchased!

When we got to the beach, we were greeted with a choppy, grey ocean. I ventured out as far as to get myself soaked while trying to put my flippers on, but decided the water was too rough and I just didn't have the energy to battle it.

Benoit managed to catch some and we headed back to his place to make lunch.

Benoit shows off his coconut chopping skills.

Vegetable Stirfry

Abalone and Chicken Stirfry

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