Friday 11th May 2012

I visited an Indian store in Cannington today to get some paneer for a curry that I need to make tomorrow night.

On the way out, the girl asked me "Is there anything else you need?"

I replied, "No, I think that's it."

She must have seen me glancing at the pie warmer because she then asked, "Would you like to try one of those samosas?"

I thought for a few seconds and said, "Sure, why not! Actually, I'll take two of them!"

I ate one as soon as I got home...they were divine! They were filled with potato and peas. They were so deliciously spicy!

Burswood Entertainment Complex

We were watching Mary Poppins tonight and booked in for dinner here first. The restaurant has replaced Victoria Station and I'm hoping I enjoy the food because the last time I was at Victoria Station, it was terrible!

Entree: Beef Carpaccio

This was absolutely gorgeous! I have been craving carpaccio for a while fact, I have been craving raw beef dishes since I had that awesome steak tartare in Singapore. This dish did not disappoint!

Main: Barramundi

The fish was cooked well. The little pancake thing on top was a bit weird, I would have preferred some more vegetables but the broccoli underneath the fish sufficed. The puree was great too...though I don't remember what it was! Broccoli!?

I think the beef carpaccio won hands down though!

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