Saturday 14th April 2012

The day started with dim sum at Dragon Palace with some of the Hollywood ladies. Yum!

I love love love the yong tau foo dish they serve!


The weather isn't quite cold yet but we're getting started with the steamboats!

Chinese Cabbage, Enoki, Bamboo Shoots


A selection of Yong Tau Foo

Sliced Beef

I had some beef mince in the fridge and whipped up some 'Thai Beef Meatballs'

There's always those anxious several minutes of waiting for the soup to boil...

I bought a cake for Kong's birthday since he didn't organise to celebrate it since we've been so busy with a wedding and Kok's birthday. As we were singing 'Happy Birthday' to him, he was grinning and looking at Kok because he thought it was for him!

Hazelnut Torte from the Cheesecake Shop

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