Sunday 29th July 2012

Woo! I was able to attend the Mundaring Truffle Festival this year and didn't have any trouble getting friends to come with me. In fact, so many of my friends decided to go this year that it was like a reunion, bumping into various people throughout the day. As we were walking to the festival grounds, it was so chilly that I regretted not wearing boots. However, the weather grew warmer and by lunch time it was absolutely gorgeous being in the outdoors, squealing at all the different foods on offer. I was worried I'd break the bank on food today but for some reason I showed some restraint!

I did buy some truffle goodies, which I can't wait to experiment with in the near future. Pictured are the truffles I bought. $2.2 per gram. My two pieces weighed eleven grams. That'll do me...

Chorizo Paella

I was so busy eating and trying to decide what next to devour that I totally didn't take many photos at all!

A much needed afternoon coffee.

I couldn't wait to get home to begin my truffle adventure in the kitchen.

Lamb Steak with Asparagus and Mashed Potato
with a drizzle of truffle oil and a shaving of fresh Black Truffle

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