Monday 10th September 2012

On the weekend I had a Pork Belly Cook Off with friends, where we were to each roast a piece of pork and present it at dinner for it to be judged. I am so proud of their efforts, however, I didn't post the photos because I left my camera at work and the photos that I took on my phone were crap.

I had spent the day with Jocelyn, Christina and Mum and I was going to roast the pork in the afternoon at Mum's place. Mum had bought the pork for me since I had been at work on the late shift for the past few nights. However, despite my request that she leave the pork for me to cook, she had marinated it with her blend of spices that she normally uses. I watched her make the roast pork and for once, she actually showed me step by step what she does. She normally doesn't like me to know how she prepares dishes because I suppose she thinks if I learn to cook it just as good as her, I would have less reason to go home for dinner!

So, my roast pork was actually my Mum's roast pork. I have to say, she makes an awesome roast pork with gorgeous crackling.

So, despite eating like half a kilo of roast pork on Saturday night and vowing not to touch roast pork again for a long time, I bought some pork belly today and roasted it for dinner. I rubbed some Asian five spice blend into the meat and some sea salt into the skin, which I tried to score with a knife.

Roast Pork Belly with mashed Potato and Broccolini

A great first effort! The crackling was really crunchy, but not as light as Mum gets hers. I suppose I should keep trying...

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