Saturday 11th August 2012

We huddled around the table tonight and, as usual, waiting impatiently for the soup to boil and cook our first round. Cook faster!

I attempted stuffing eggplants with fish paste again tonight. Instead of using the larger eggplants, I bought baby eggplants. Ling brought his sandwich toaster and browned them a bit before we put them in the soup.


For dessert, we had our trio of ice creams that we made the other night.

Green Tea

Lemon Sorbet

Mixed Berry

The green tea and mixed berry were awesome! However, the lemon sorbet was a failure. I don't know whether it was because the proportion of ingredients wasn't right, or perhaps the orange juice (yes, the recipe called for orange juice as well as lemon juice!) we used was too bitter. The sorbet tasted like grapefruit!!

It tasted okay though - reminding us of the palate cleanser sorbets you usually get in fine dining restaurants between courses.

We had left over quail eggs so Ling got out the master stock and we boiled them - it was similar to a bah ku teh stock. Delicious! The aroma that filled the kitchen was divine!!

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