Tuesday 14th August 2012

Homemade Char Siew with fresh Cucumber slices

Spring Vegetable Soup with Chicken and Pasta

I've been invited to my neighbours' place for dinner tomorrow night and I've insisted that I bring dessert. I've been racking my brains for the last few days thinking what I can make that will look like I slaved away in the kitchen to prepare, yet also taste fantastic with no chance of failure? With my busy work schedule, I don't have time for a second attempt...and I would rather not have to resort to buying a tub of ice cream!

Inspired by Ling's efforts at poaching a pear at my place last week in the spur of the moment, I was struck with an idea when I saw an entire bag of the new season's Buerre Bosc pears for only $2.99 at my Cannington Fresh. I am going to poach pears!

I set to work peeling the pears and then realised I don't have a corer utensil. I ended up trying the handle of a teaspoon and amazingly, it worked! I was able to scrape the cores of the pears out without too much trouble.

Brown sugar, cinnamon quill, cardamom pods, star anise ans saffron threads.

I brought the poaching syrup up to the boil and then placed my pears in.

I placed a piece of baking paper over the surface of the liquid to keep the pears immersed in the syrup. This will stop them from drying out and to also make sure that they cook evenly and absorb all those gorgeous flavours!

The verdict? We'll find out at dinner tomorrow night!

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