Monday 17th December 2012

145 Newcastle Street, Perth

After visiting our friends in hospital, the happy new parents of a gorgeous little girl, we had a craving for Chinese food. With lots and lots of ginger.


In Chinese custom, after the birth of your child, the mother is 'confined' to indoors and fed dishes containing 'heating' ingredients like ginger, sesame oil and black vinegar, for the first month. These days, there are those Chinese who follow it and those who don't. Even those who follow it tend to pick and choose what rules they will follow, with showering and hair washing being the most commonly abandoned. Let's face it, who is going to go without a shower for a month!?

Anyhow, the new mother's mother is following the tradition to see her daughter through the confinement period and so she's bringing delicious meals to her in hospital (and will continue to cook for her for the next month) and we were all hungry for ginger after leaving the hospital!

So we quickly settled on meeting in Northbridge and finding a Chinese restaurant.

We thought with a name like this, we must find endless deliciousness!

Mah Poh Tofu

Schezuan Beef


Chinese Vegetables with Garlic and Soy Sauce

Hot and Sour Soup


I've never seen them do this with dumplings before! It looks like they make a little crepe that cooksk in the bottom of the pan, with the dumplings on top of it, but then they flip it all over onto a plate so that the crepe is actually over the top of the dumplings!

We couldn't find any dishes containing ginger as a main ingredient, but we did find the food surprisingly good! Very basic flavours and it didn't leave us feeling like we'd eaten alot of oil. Very much like food we'd eat at home if our parents cooked it.

I must satisfy my ginger craving another way...

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