Sunday 16th December 2012


A highly anticipated brunch with the ladies!

We arrived early and were pleasantly surprised to be seated in a little private room just off the main dining area. It gave us a bit more room and we didn't have to worry about the diners around us and let loose the chatter and laughter.

The food was great! Nice and fresh, with a huge selection. I headed straight for the seafood!

Round 1

The cockles were gorgeous! We agreed that they must be cooked in some olive oil with very simple flavours of garlic and sundried tomato with some herbs. Delish! The oysters were also very fresh. I tried to fish out the ones that sat on the bottom or that were covered in ice.

Round 2

The Dim Sum morsels left alot to be desired, unfortunately. I was really disappointed with the har gow. It was all pastry with hardly any prawn meat inside. I think out of all the food, the dim sum was the least impressive. It didn't even look appealing. It looked worse (and tasted) than some of the cheapest places in Perth that I've been to.

Round 3

As the morning wore on, some of the dishes were being replaced by the lunch menu. The Peking Duck was soooo good! Tender, juicy pieces of duck!

Round 4

I went back for a few more rounds of the cockles and smoked salmon. Yum! They would be awesome with some pasta. Too bad most of us had somewhere to go for lunch otherwise we could have stayed there until 2pm eating our way through brunch to lunch. For $59 and 5 hours of eating, that's not bad value. Ooh, and champagne is included! Too bad I had to drive =/ so I only had a few.


I actually enjoyed the desserts this time. In the past I've found them all bland and lacking in flavour and texture. Today the chocolate mousse was a dark delight and the berries were sweet and delicious! I actually ate all these on my plate!

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