Tuesday 29th September '09

Morning Tea at Work
fresh Banana & Strawberries

The servers at work were down this morning so Marissa and I went to have morning tea together. Marissa was having porridge. She poured the dry porridge flakes into her corningware dish (that I bought for her from Singapore!), added boiling water, then zapped it in the microwave. Something went wrong though, because the porridge exploded.


...and After. Oopsies!

Lunch at Work
Caesar Salad with homegrown Cos Lettuce

Yes, I kept aside all the inner leaves of the cos lettuces from the garden to make this salad. I boiled and peeled a few eggs last night, added grated parmesan cheese and some whole egg mayonnaise. Light, healthy lunch.


I drove out to 99 Seafood to find laksa paste. They had the Yeo's brand, but this isn't as good as the brand I've used previously. I'll have to remember that next time! As you can tell from the photo...the soup looks rather thin.

Seafood Laksa

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