Wednesday 30th September '09

Morning Tea at Work
Sausage Roll and a Soy Mocha

See what happens when all I eat for lunch yesterday is salad? I crave the opposite.

A sausage roll.

Lunch at Work

Banana & Strawberries

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

We had prawns leftover from steamboat the other night so I felt like these. Mum makes them at work every morning so she made them for me. She also cooked the hoisin dipping sauce to go with them.

I was looking around my kitchen tonight and it struck me how cluttered it is. No matter how much we try to hide out of sight, within days it just reappears in greater numbers. It's mostly things that we use everyday so it's just convenient to keep it close to hand to avoid having to waste time rummaging around in the pantry and condiments cupboard.

Our kitchen bench.

Our fridge with our large collection of magnets.

I like to buy magnets when I go travelling. Not those tacky souvenir magnets, but instead ones with funny cartoons.

Bee Hoon Soup with Fish, Stuffed Beancurd Rolls & Tofu

I made the soup by boiling water with soy sauce, fish sauce, chilli flakes, and a tea filter bag with dried shrimp and star anise that I removed before serving.

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