Thursday 1st October '09

Morning Tea at Work
Kym's Sultana & Cherry Cake

Most of you, my beloved friends, know that I'm not a fan of glazed cherries or sultanas. I love fresh cherries, but not the glazed ones. I love Sultana Bran, but I don't like to eat sultanas on their own. Despite these facts, I really felt like something sweet this morning so I was game to try this cake that Kym at work baked and brought in for us.

Lunch at Work
Mum's Lamb Stew

The lamb was soooo tender!

Bee Hoon Soup with Yong Tau Foo

I had tofu, beancurd and chillies stuffed with chicken and fish mince, enoki and lots of spring onion. The soup I made with soy sauce, fish sauce, Vegeta stock and chilli flakes.

While I sat in bed blogging on my laptop with a cup of decaffeinated coffee, Simba jumped up beside me and watched with imploring eyes. After a while, he lay down and rested his head - on my mouse! for some reason he was feeling needy tonight.

I managed to reclaim the mouse, but then he just snuggled up closer.


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