Friday 9th October '09

Lunch at Work
Tuna Salsa

I prepared this on Wednesday since I didn't have time last night to get today's work lunch ready as I was at the concert. I just fried some onion, garlic, diced eggplant and sundried tomatoes together, then added some fresh rocket from the garden and pinenuts. At work today, I opened a small can of honey mustard tuna and mixed it all together to make a healthy salsa-slash-salad.

I stuffed some green chillies and baby eggplant
with a chicken and fish mince mixture.

Bee Hoon Soup with Yong Tau Foo & Kang Kong
in a spicy Sambal Soup



  • 1 sheet puff pastry
  • 2 spinach & pinenut sausages from Lennards

    1. Cut the sheet of puff pastry into half.
    2. Squeeze the sausage meat out of the casings along the length of the puff pastry - one sausage per puff pastry half.
    3. Spread the sausage meat out to the ends.

    4. Roll the puff pastry up in a firm roll.

    5. Remove the plastic sheet and flatten the roll a bit, with the joins on the bottom.

    6. Cut into desired lengths and bake in oven at 180C for about 30 minutes or until cooked through.

    These are soooo easy to make! I actually forgot they were in the oven so they turned out a bit overdone.

    We managed to catch Christina on skype later in the night. Simba could hear her voice but couldn't find her - he must have been so confused.

    He looks so confused!
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