Thursday 8th October '09

Morning Tea at Work
Cruskits with Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Jocelyn prepared some fruit salad for me last night.

"Tonight's...the night!"

Yes folks, tonight is the eagerly anticipated IL DIVO concert!! Due to lack of interest from my friends, I was prepared to go on my own but by chance I found out Benoit's mum wanted to go and so with Benoit's dad's happy blessing, I bought tickets for her and myself.

I went straight from work to Burswood and decided to have dinner at (A)Lure. They were fully booked but they managed to squeeze me in for an early dinner. I was a bit disappointed that they only had a set menu available since it was a 'show night'.

The waitress did a very pleasant job seating me, but then I was pretty much ignored for about fifteen minutes. I was told that they would require my table back by 6:30pm, so I was feeling a bit rushed for time if this fifteen minutes wait for service was a sign of how the meal was going to go.

It was the start of service, so the majority of the waiting staff were just coming onto the floor. I managed to make eye contact with several of them but they continued to stand by the walls, chatting to each other. I grew more irritated by the minute.

Finally, someone came to ask if I would like a drink, to which I replied "Actually, I've been ready to place my order."

(A)Lure Tasting Plate
Tempura prawn, chicken and vegetable sushi roll, salmon and tuna sashimi,
oyster with lemon and smoked salmon, chicken parfait,
Turkish bread and Persian feta

The tempura prawn was delightful. There was also what I believe was a squid tentacle in tempura batter that was absolutely divine. The squid was tender and the batter was light and crispy. The salmon sashimi was ordinary; the tuna sashimi tasted a bit grainy. I've had better tuna sashimi from a takeaway place. The nori rolls were rathe ordinary as well. The oyster was fresh. The Persian fetta was - TO DIE FOR - it was salty and delicious - perfect with my glass of wine.

Grain fed Harvey beef Fillet, maple glazed shallots,
root vegetable pave, port essence

I asked for my steak medium and that's how it arrived. The steak I have no complaints about. However, the 'vegetable pave' - I must have this served to me with every main dish I order at Burswood. My provolone potato gratin is better than this. In fact, I'm going to email Burswood either after this post or tell them even though I'm a fan of recycling, I don't want them to recycle side dishes when I'm paying $50 per head. Ok...perhaps not in those exact words...but you get the gist.

IL DIVO - AAhhh - It was such a wonderful concert. Tears sprang to my eyes as soon as they appeared on stage. I remembered to bring the packet of tissues from my car. They sound absolutely awesome live. Props to their sound engineers!! Several times during the concert, I caught myself leant forward, my eyes wide, my mouth agape, staring at the screen and my ears in love with the melodies they produced. My heart flutters right now just thinking about them. One of the best live performances I have been to.

Carlos Marin

Urs Buhler

David Miller

Sebastien Izambard

Carlos has got to be my favourite. His deep intoxicating voice. As soon as he starts singing in a song, my heart races and I sigh heavily and am caught with a tightness in my throat as I am overcome with emotion.

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