Monday 12th October '09

A pleasant surprise was waiting for me when my blog page loaded up today.

The big 3-0-0-0!

Another surprise was in store for me when I logged into my Nuffnang account. I've made 80 CENTS from the advertisements that have been featured on my blog! Yes, I've had some advertisers select my blog to put their advertisements on and you'll be helping me make money from my blog if you're interested in the campaigns and click on the ads. *hint hint*

I slept in today and then went out to run errands and buy some groceries. I felt like pork for dinner tonight.

I peeled some Granny Smith apples.

I sliced two of the apples and baked them in the oven. In the meantime, I was in my room reviewing digital cameras online. I'm looking at buying a waterproof one. I got carried away with all the reviews that when I went to check on the apples in the oven, they were more than done. Luckily they weren't burnt. I set them aside to cool, but couldn't resist eating several of them. Yummy baked apples!

With the third peeled apple, I chopped it up and made apple sauce. In a small pot I put the chopped apple, enough water to cover them, and several whole cloves. I boiled them for about fifteen minutes, removed the cloves, and then mashed the apples up.

I then returned the apples to a low heat and stirred in a generous spoon of honey.

I wanted to try something different for the cous cous that was to accompany the pork. I found some cranberry & blackcurrant juice in the fridge. I poured about a 1/2 cup into a pot, added another 1/2 cup of water and brought it to the boil.

In a bowl, I put 1/2 cup of cous cous and then added the boiling juice. I covered the bowl, then after a few minutes I added a bit of butter and used a fork to fluff the cous cous up. I added some dried cranberries and some of the baked apple that I chopped up.

I panfried the pork cutlet and then sauteed some asparagus in the pan juices. I arranged everything together on my plate - I even finally got to use the dariole moulds that I bought some time ago. It only took me about two years to find them at the homeware shops. I intend to make some pannacotta with them one day.

Pork Cutlet
served with Fruit Cous Cous, Baked Apple Slices,
Apple Sauce & Asparagus Spears

The cous cous was an experiment that turned out rather well. I could taste the juice that had been absorbed into the cous cous. The baked apple pieces were rather delightful too. I have to admit, the hue doesn't seem that appetising, but perhaps if I tried it with apple juice next time - that might make it look more appealing.

Mum's Wantan Soup

Mum cooked the wantans after making them and left them on the kitchen bench for me for when I got hungry later. Which I did. Are you surprised? =P

I brought some water, soy sauce, Vegeta and sambal belachen to the boil, added some choy sum, enoki and the wantan dumplings. Easy Peasy.

You can see that Mum makes her wantan dumplings differently to me. I just smush some of the meat filling on the centre of the wantan wrapper, then push all the corners together. Mum puts in a little more effort in sealing the meat within the wrapper so that it doesn't fall out while cooking. I actually prefer it how I make it. I love how I can slide the wantan wrapper off the meat and eat that first, then eat the meat.

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