Tuesday 13th October '09

Shafto Lane (between Murray & Hay Street), CBD

I met up with Benoit and Ivy for lunch today in the city. Everyone else was busy with work as it's still only the beginning of the week. Not for me though, I've been trying to get up earlier than usual and gettint out to run errands.

Myself: Salmon Sashimi

Ivy: Fish Teriyaki

Benoit: Chicken Katsu

The salmon was deliciously fresh, but the proportions of the dish were all wrong. There were four thin slivers of the salmon to a whole bowl of rice. There would have been a good two cups of rice there. So, I was tearing each slice of salmon into three pieces to eat with a few mouthfuls of rice. Otherwise I could have easily eaten the salmon with a mouthful of rice each piece, and then been left with alot of rice leftover and nothing to eat it with except the soy sauce.

Yes, I know it's weird but I do think of things like this. Call it the OCD in me.

I strolled through the malls doing mostly window shopping. I walked through David Jones to look at the kitchenwares and glasswares, as I usually do after a stop to their restrooms. I was looking at their coffee machines and saw they're now selling the accessory that you use to 'bang' the coffee out of the perculator. They actually call it a 'bang bang' or 'banger' hahahaha!

I got home with still plenty of daylight so I set up my laptop outside in the backyard and fetched myself a cup of tea. My eyes widened when I saw what was on the kitchen bench -


The donuts were so light and fluffy - I had to have a second one.

Simba was bugging me the whole time I sat outside on the laptop so I finally took him for a walk. He absolutely loves going for his walks!

Pork Cutlet with Creamy Potato Bake

I panfried the cutlet, then set it aside to rest while I panfried potato that I had sliced. I added some fresh rosemary, cream and water. When the potatoes were almost done, I piled them onto the plate with the pork cutlet, sprinkled some grated cheese over the potato, and popped the whole plate into the oven on 180C.

I had some of Mum's Shark Fin Soup while I waited...

After about ten minutes, the cheese had melted and begun to get that delicious golden brown colour. The pork would have been just undercooked before I put it into the oven, so when it came out, it was perfectly done.

Instant Ramen with Wantans

Wantans, Chicken, Enoki, Instant Ramen

Oh - and a stuffed chilli!

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