Sunday 11th October '09

I could not resist the urge to get Macdonalds for breakfast on the way to work today. I always eat the hashbrown first, then the bacon & egg Mcmuffin. I asked for an orange juice today.

ha ha - it looks like I was eating with both hands!

I was flat out at work today - I rushed back and forth in the lab so many times that my feet ached and I didn't have time to have a full lunch break. I was thankful to finally be able to head home. However, they were resurfacing part of Riverside Drive and didn't put up detour signs early enough for us to take an alternative route, so it took me about twenty minutes to make it onto the causeway.

Not happy JAN!

As soon as I got home, I scoffed down the food that Marissa had brought in for me.

Teresa's pasta with cannellini beans

I took Simba for a walk, then made dinner. I remembered that I bought two packets of Barilla Formaggi Tortellini and they're nearing their 'best before' date.

Formaggi Tortellini with Pork & Cabbage Soup

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