Saturday 3rd October '09

I cherished the sleep in today. I got out of bed at about 3pm in the afternoon and wandered into the kitchen to make myself a coffee. Mum had been baking and I could barely contain my excitement when I saw what she'd made.

Could it be!?

I have been asking her to make curry buns for me for well over ten years now. The last time she made them that I can remember was while we lived up north in Goldsworthy, when she used to make them just as often as she should make curry puffs.

Mum's Curry Buns

The curry buns have the same filling as the curry puffs that Mum makes, but she makes a dough that bakes in the often. Instead of being light and crunchy like the curry puffs she deep fries, or flaky like the curry puffs she makes with puff pastry, these curry puffs have a heavier dough. Sort of like the texture of bread.

She used to make them in a round shape but she said she felt like making them in these oblong forms today.

After three curry buns and a cup of coffee, I headed out to the shops to grab a few things for our very last steamboat tonight. Yes, I thought the one I had on Monday night would be the last, but thankfully some of us weren't quite ready to let it go.

I bought a bag of baby eggplants - the lady was marking the price down just as I got there.
99 cents for a whole bag of them - bargain!

I made a plate of yong tau foo to bring to steamboat.

Can you spot the new ingredients
we came up with?


When the eggplants cooked, they turned a brown colour.
Looks like floating sausasages or poo!


tee hee

I picked up a few more bargains while I was at the shops earlier today. Brie for only $2!! Usually when they mark the cheese down, it's about to expire the next day, but I was surprised to see that the expiry date for these cheeses is on the 7th. Needless to say, I couldn't help buying a few. I bought a piece of regular brie and a piece of blue cheese brie.

Blue Brie

Blue cheese is still a taste I'm trying to acquire, so I managed a few pieces of the blue cheese brie before I switched back to the regular brie. However, the blue cheese brie was more gooey and that's how I like my brie.

Kong made us grass jelly!

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