Sunday 4th October '09

Today I drove over to Benoit's place to rendevous for our trip out to the Swan Valley today. The weather was beautiful and Richard's roses had noticed too.

Last night I discovered some settings on my camera that I didn't know I had. I can alter the settings to accommodate for different lighting conditions - ie tungsten, cloudy, sunny, fluorescent. So, in the kitchen I used the 'fluorescent' setting and must have forgotten to change it back to the default setting, because all my macro photos turned out rather... blue.

Here's a camera trick that I learnt from the drummer on the cruise to Hawaii. Taking photos and picking out a certain colour while the rest is in black and white. Love it!

Lot 9720 West Swan Road, Henley Brook

Our first time here, I rather liked the relaxed atmosphere and the large benches and tables outside.

Myself - Grill Plate
a German bratwurst sausage & smoked cutlet
served with pan-fried potatoes & sauerkraut

Ivy - Lamb Shank
served on a bed of mashed potato, garnished with vegetables

Benoit - Grilled Bratwurst Sausage
served with pan-fried potatoes & sauerkraut

Cameron - Rib-eye
served with fries & red wine jus

I think what I've listed as the meals is correct. As expected, they were decent proportions and really filling - meat and potatoes. We accompanied our meals with beers. Perfect!

We stopped by for some free chocolate at the Chocolate Factory

We also had ice cream - mine is chocolate brownie.

We bought strawberries.

Notice the photos look blue?

Aah - I finally noticed and corrected it.

Long managed to get a wine bottle sticker on my back without me realising until I was home.

We drove around to various wineries for some wine tasting. Some were free, some charged $3 for the tasting. I don't mind paying for a tasting, but the Little River Winery were really stingy with the pourings. Everywhere else we were poured a good 30mL at least, but we were lucky to get half of this at the Little River Winery. It's probably the third or fourth time I've visited them and the behaviour of the owner behind the tasting counter varies each time I'm there. She's overall rather friendly and chatty, but always she seems to spread her attention too thin and I get rather impatient waiting for her to tend to other things inbetween the wines she pours.

The last winery we visited was Lancaster.

I absolutely love the way they've done up the place. They have a little shed where they do the tastings and there's plenty of space to lounge around barrels and take in the beautiful view of the vineyard.

We tasted the 'creamy cheddar' and it was yummy!
Soooo yummy, that Benoit and Long had to buy one each.

We made a final stop at the Coffee Hut for coffee tasting.

What a wonderful day! I was good and didn't go crazy with purchasing wine, but I did buy about one and a half cases worth - need to stock up on the white wines for summer. Not that these wines are going to last till summer hee hee.

Mushroom & Speck Risotto

Simba snoozing while watching me in the kitchen.

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