Friday 27th November '09

There are so many different ways to eat stew. I love it with rice, pasta and mashed potato. I suppose any carbohydrates would go well with it to make it a complete, hearty meal.

Ossobucco Beef with Rice
& dried chilli flakes

I loved how much marrow there was in the hollow of the bone!!
I used my fork to scrape it all out!

Dinner at Work
Ossobucco Stew with Pasta Shells far did that stew stretch?

Thursday - 2 x serve of stew with spaghetti
Friday - 1 x serve of stew with rice & 1 x serve of stew with pasta

I got four serves out of that stew. And how much did it cost to make?

Less than $6

See, it's easy to cook on a budget. Not that I'm on a budget...this is what I'd usually eat regardless of how much I have to spend on groceries.

Instant Korean Claypot Ramen with sliced Fish Cake & Been Shoots

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