Thursday 26th November '09

Instant Korean Claypot Ramen with Chicken

For dinner at work tonight, I prepacked it all yesterday. What's on the menu?

Fish and Salad.

I'm always looking for simple things to take to work for dinner when I'm on the night shifts. I don't always feel like eating leftovers and it's hard to predict what I will feel like eating. Some nights I might want to pig out on carbs. Some nights I feel like something light. Some nights I just eat junk food to satisfy the sugar cravings. Some nights I don't have time to eat dinner at all.

Firstly, I seasoned a piece of Ling with sambal belachen, fresh coriander and a drizzle of olive oil. I wrapped it up first in baking paper, then in an outer layer of aluminium foil. I placed this in the bottom of a large container. Then...I packed some washed spinach leaves and sliced white onion in a ziplock bag. I poured some olive oil and white balsamic vinegar into a little Tupperware 'Smidget' container and put that into the container. All done! work when it came time to prepare dinner, I removed all the salad ingredients and then unwrapped the fish from the aluminium foil, leaving it in the baking paper. I cooked it on high in the microwave for two minutes.

Perfect! Aah the aromas!

I emptied the salad into the container, shook the dressing up and poured that over the salad, and it was all ready to eat! I love how quick it is to cook fish at work.

Dinner at Work
Ling with Sambal Belachen & Coriander
served with Spinach Salad

Spaghetti with Beef Ossobucco Stew

I bought a large piece of beef ossobucco cut from the supermarket the other day and before work, I made a stew. I coated the beef in plain flour, seared both sides and all edges in the fry pan (I didn't do this in the Corningware dish because everytime I do, the flour burns) and then put it aside. In the Corningware dish , I sauteed onions, garlic, carrots and potatoes. I added rosemary, a beef stock cube, a can of diced tomatoes, some red wine and water. I wedged the beef back, making sure it was beneath all the vegetables, then put it into the oven for just over an hour.

Delicious! It was such a sweet, hearty, rich dish. I love stews. I had it with spaghetti tonight.

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