Saturday 14th November '09


Tonight I was invited to Sebastien and his Uncle's joint birthday BBQ.

There was so much food!!

Ivy's Mum's curry puffs
spiced boiled eggs
puff pastries with sesame seeds
deep fried squid
more puff pastries
potato salad
salami, cream cheese & apricot nibblies
rice noodles
chicken wings
eggs - YUM!

I tried to take only a little tiny bit of each dish so that I could try everything and hopefully go back for seconds. I only managed this one plate and then a few more spoonfuls of the rice dish. Yum!

Ivy's Mum made some agar jellies.

Benoit's cousin made dessert - Kulfi Ice Cream

The Birthday Cake!

Sebastien got two giant teacups as a present.

Afterwards, we entered the twilight zone. The parents entertained themselves on the Wii, while us 20-30 year olds played a game of Balderdash.

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