Tuesday 24th November '09

Mushroom Omelette

I had to visit the optometrist this morning so I caught up with Benoit and Ivy for lunch at Taka's on Shaftoe Lane, CBD.

Assorted Sushi

I walked around the malls until my poor aching feet could walk no more, then headed to Westfield Carousel. I enjoyed a coffee, then went and got a very much needed massage.

I had the neck, shoulder and reflexology special for $50 at Li's Massage. I can't wait for my trip to Singapore where I will be spoilt with reflexology centres everywhere! I am in real need of a manicure and pedicure too!

Afternoon Snack
Mum's Mee Poh

Seafood Laksa

While I was peeling the prawns for the laksa, I was amazed at how large this prawn was!

Australian Banana Prawns

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