Friday 8th January 2010

Singapore - Day Five

I went across the street to Lot 1 to get breakfast. I was grabbing different tidbits from different stalls, so I decided to head back to Aunty's place to eat it, but she must have been upstairs with Lucas because she didn't hear me knocking on the door. I didn't want to wake Lucas if he was asleep, so I headed back downstairs and ate my breakfast on a bench.

My Aunty lives in a condominium with shared pool facilities, so other residents were walking by and looking at me strangely as I sat there, taking photos and eating.

Tea Tarik in a bag - SD$0.9

Shui Kueh - SD$1.1 for 4 pieces

I love love love these!! They're little steamed rice cakes served with preserved radishes. I wish I could get these in Perth. Perhaps I could find a recipe and have a go at making them...but they look like too much work...

Prawn Balls - SD$2.5 for 3 pieces

These are like takoyaki balls but instead of octopus, it's prawns inside. I love the bonito flakes they serve ontop with the sauce.

Ngoh Hiang - SD$1.6

This is a beancurd roll. I think it was mainly pork inside with chunks of water chestnut. I liked the crispiness of the water chestnuts, but I didn't really like the pork. I only had a few bites.

You Tiao - SD$0.8

I call these Yew Char Kueh but there are several different names in different languages for it. Yummy, fluffy, oily piece of heaven. I love to eat these with rice porridge.

Lucas was still sleeping when I headed back up to Aunty's place.

Aunty made Bee Hoon Soup with Fish and Fish Balls.

It's great being a baby.
Sleep. Eat. Play.

High Five!

I went to Lot 1 to grab lunch when Lucas had his afernoon nap. I bought some sushi!

Edo Sushi - SD$6.6
Strawberry & Kiwi fruit crush - SD$2.2

Ikura Ghunkan - salmon roe

Scallop Nigiri - at least I think it's a scallop that's been sliced in half...

Ebi Nigiri - prawn sushi - what's left of it.

I think this was marinated octopus...

Jellyfish Ghunkan - or rather, it was.

Tobiko Ghunkan

Sharkfin Ghunkan

Lucas with his dad, Marshall.

Aunty cooked and we had dinner in tonight. I bought some fresh okra from the supermarket - it is so ridiculously cheap in Singapore! SD$0.80 for a 250g bag of okra. That's like 50 cents or something! *shakes her head*

Okra & Prawn Stirfry with Chilli

Baked Fish Fillets

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