Thursday 7th January 2010

Singapore - Day Five

Before checking out of the hotel today, I went across the street to the hawker centre at Parkway Parade for brunch.
Black Carrot Cake - SD$2

Yes...this cost SD$2!! So about AUD$1.60!! Lots of chunky pieces of carrot cake, with fried egg through it. I enjoyed sitting there (in the sweltering heat!) watching the stall owner frying it up for me on the spot. The carrot cake comes in a large manufactured roll - much like way you can buy large rolls of dog food.

Orchids infront of the Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel.

I took a taxi straight to my Aunty's place where she was babysitting her grandson, Lucas. I gave him his presents and he loved tearing off the wrapping paper.

When Lucas was down for a nap, I went across the street to the shopping complet - Lot 1.

Yong Tau Foo - SD$4.4

I've been looking forward to yong tau foo all week! No, wait - all year! Love it!

I met up with David in the afternoon and we visited a few homewares stores. It was difficult trying not to get carried away with all the beautiful furniture and knick knacks.

Ahem - I assure you these are plastic ornamental asparagus...

I love this high-backed sofa.

We finally tore ourselves away from the stores, met up with David's friends and went to dinner in the food court.

I really didn't know what I felt like. I thought at first I had caught a head cold from sitting underneath an airconditioner vent for a few hours yesterday, but with a sore throat I fear that I am catching a cold or flu. Perhaps it's a good thing...I won't overeat myself silly!

Ramen with Kim Chi - SD$5

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