Saturday 9th January 2010

Singapore - Day Six

David took us out to lunch today. We picked up food to to takeaway from some food stalls near his place.

This biscuit vendor sells his biscuits the old fashioned way.

Lucas loves visiting his uncle's place (David).
Lots to see and touch!

Time for Lucas's nap!

BBQ Chicken Rice - SD$2

Later in the afternoon, David and I went to Novena Square to buy groceries to cook dinner at his place.

We stopped for a cuppa after getting our groceries.

I can never get used to seeing Browns Brothers at three times the price in Singapore than in Australia!

We prepared vegetables to roast. David seasoned them with olive oil, cracked black pepper and sea salt.

I rummaged around in his spice collection and prepared the ingredients for the risotto we were having. I thawed out the prawns and Nile Perch - SD$17

Seafood Risotto

The verdict from my Aunty: "ok"

David made Sangria with apples, pears, Cointreau and red sparkling shiraz. Really refreshing! He had some of the remaining fruit with vanilla ice cream.

Back at my Aunty's house, I had some guava that I had bought earlier - SD$0.7
I love guava!

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