Friday 26th March 2010

Lunch today was chicken. Last night I trimmed the extra fat off a chicken thigh fillet (with the bone and skin inclusive) and tied it up with kitchen string. I scored the top and marinated it in a mixture of olive oil, soy sauce, honey and crushed garlic.

Honey Soy roasted Chicken Thigh Fillet with Salad

Afternoon Snack
Potato with Melted Cheese & Rosemary

This is one of my favourite snacks that I haven't had in some time. I used to eat it on a very regular basis. I boil the potatoes, then heat it in the microwave with some cheese and a sprinkle of herbs. Tonight I used dried rosemary. Fantastic comfort food.

Tonight I went to Burswood with a few girls from work for drinks. Our intention was to go to the food court, Emporium, to get the fish and chips and Stella Artois for $9.95, but we ended staying in the Spice Lounge as we were enjoying the cocktails and lounge singers.

We ordered a 'Tasty Tapas' plate for $24.90
It came with prawns, fetta, olives, chorizo, chicken tenderloin skewers,
toasted Turkish bread and battered squid.

I loved the squid! It was melt in your mouth goodness. The chorizo was overdone so it was like eating overly crisp salty bacon. The chicken skewers were nicely seasoned but we probably should have eaten them first while they were warm. The prawns were fresh. It's a pity that we didn't get any dip to accompany the delicious Turkish bread.

Back at home just after midnight, I made supper.

Instant Ramen with Yong Tau Foo

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