Saturday 27th March 2010

Today's lunch was chicken that I had prepared by marinating with several different spices.

Olive oil, sweet paprika, ground coriander, turmeric, hot cayenne pepper.

After a few nights in the fridge, the flavours had permeated into the meat and the chicken was absolutely delicious!

Spicy roasted Chicken Thigh Fillet
with Baked Potatoes & Cous Cous with Sundried Tomatoes

I had a lazy night at home tonight and popped into the kitchen for snacks instead of having a proper dinner.

Mum made some Winter Melon Soup.
I love to have it with lots of deepfried shallots for a bit of crunch.

McCain's Beef Lasagne cooked in the oven.

I do like to eat instant lasagne as an occasional snack. Of course, nothing beats homemade lasagne, but instant lasagne tastes nothing like homemade lasagne so theyy're essentially two entirely different dishes. Sometimes I feel like the instant lasagne, sometimes I feel like the homemade variety.

Potato with Melted Cheese & Thyme

I indulged in some marinated Goats Fetta & Chorizo with a glass of wine while I caught up on some blogging.

Simba was hoping for a treat.

He eventually jumped up onto my bed and fell asleep.

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