Sunday 28th March 2010

We went to dim sum today - and boy did we order alot!

We drove to Cottlesloe Beach and got some takeaway coffees from Barchetta. Would be nice to return there for lunch one day and sit on the balcony overlooking the ocean.

Spicy Beef & Pork Vietnamese Noodle Soup

I was all ready to get into bed for the night, but as I walked past the aquarium, I noticed that there was a little baby guppy swimming around the surface in a corner. One of the new guppies I bought from Veba's today is in labour!!

I stayed up until 3am monitoring Mummy Guppy and keeping the fry away from her because as guppies do, she was gobbling them up as soon as they were entering the world. Out one hole, in another.

You can see the eyes of the baby guppy poking out of Mummy's birth canal.

She had several breech births.
There was even a moment when she popped out two in rapid succession - twins!

The miracle of life.

I think I have a total of at least twenty new additions to my tank. They'll have to get a bit bigger before I dare release them amongst the other fish or else they'll be mistaken for food.

I love watching my guppies give birth. I don't think I'll ever tire of it.

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