Tuesday 30th March 2010

I was pondering what to eat for breakfast while brushing my teeth this morning. I always eat 'breakfast' when I wake up, whether I wake up at 6am or 2pm. Eating kickstarts my body and gets me ready to tackle what the day brings.

I looked around in the freezer and found some Herbert Adams pastries that were microwaveable. Perfect.

Spinach & Ricotta Rolls

I placed them on a sheet of kitchen paper towel and heated them in the microwave for 1.5 minutes. Afterwards, I let them sit for a minute or so and when I bit into one, it was delicious! The rolls weren't hard or dried out and the pastry wasn't as crunchy as they could have been if I had baked them in the oven, but it was light and crisp. Yum!

Lunch at Work
Leftover Spicy roasted Chicken, Vegetables & Cous Cous

It's easy to avoid buying lunch on work days. When you cook dinner, always make a little extra so you can throw it together with some fresh salad, cooked vegetables, rice or couscous. Makes a healthy and affordable lunch!

On the drive home, I munched on a wholemeal roll with slices of chorizo and fresh rocket leaves. It helps to keep me occupied and awake while I drive because I can get pretty sleepy in the car when the weather is nice and warm after a shift at work.

Bee Hoon Soup with Chicken

Mum made soup with chicken for the stock, cabbage and carrots. I used the soup and added some ground white pepper, soy sauce and fish stuffed chillies for dinner.

I garnished with lots of fresh coriander that I had picked up from the shops on the way home. I can't wait till it's time to plant my own coriander.

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