Wednesday 31st March 2010

We celebrated 'Compassion Day' at work today by being allowed to wear free dress with the colour theme being my favourite colour - purple! We decided to have a lunch and have everyone bring in a plate of food to share.

Some of us couldn't wait until lunch to eat, so we all popped out for morning tea breaks and hade a prelude to lunch with chocolate hot cross buns that Eileen bought for us. I heated mine in the microwave for twenty seconds and the chocolate chips had begun to melt when I got stuck into it.

Lunch time!

I brought some Herbert Adams mini Beef & Burgundy Pies.
We heated them in the microwave and they were yum!

Leah's Savoury Muffins.
They had cheese, ham & parsley - yum!

Adrijana's 'Fetta Buns'. That's what I'm calling them.

She made the dough herself and created little croissant shapes with fetta filling. The dough was so light to eat! I loved it! It would be so fun to experiment with different fillings.

Marissa brought in hot dogs. She even brought her rice cooker to heat the hot dog sausages in. Brilliant idea!

I love hot dogs. Whether they're the ones with the frankfurt sausage or the ones with the BBQ sausage and fried onions. One thing's for sure though, I want tomato sauce AND mustard on my hot dog!

Being Easter, I wore my bunny ears and got called Bunny Foo Foo =)

Portuguese roasted Chicken & Roma Tomatoes
with Tabbouleh

I sure know how to roast chicken! The chicken was so tender and juicy. I threw in the tomato wedges for the last ten minutes of cooking. A delicious combination with the tabbouleh that Mum brought home from her work.

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