Saturday 10th April 2010

We hired kayaks this morning and paddled into Claisbrook Cove in East Perth for coffee and a late breakfast. We decided to pull up our kayaks on this little bit of sand at Haig Park and took our oars with us. Sort of like parking our bikes somewhere and taking one of the wheels with us to prevent someone from stealing the bike. We walked up to a cafe and propped our oars against the outside wall and clambered inside, some thirsty, some famished, all of us a bit wet.

Shop 21/60 Royal Street, East Perth

I ordered the Crepes with Rhubarb & Raspberry Compote with Toasted Almonds

They were yum! A bit on the sweet side but I think after the morning's workout on the river I needed the energy. It would have been nice to have a scoop of vanilla ice cream with it.

Back out on the river, we paddled back the way we came. Going with the current, it was a leisurely paddle and we had some fun spotting jellyfish and trying to catch them. After our morning's kayaking, we were rather hungry and drove into the city for lunch.

the Grosvenor Hotel
339 Hay Street, Perth

Ling & Shallen - Steak Sandwiches - $21.5
These two were very happy with their choice. Large steaks between toasted Turkish bread. The chips looked really good too!

Myself - Grilled Swordfish Salad - $28
Ack! What a terrible choice!
The fish was so incredibly dry. I was looking forward to a nice juicy grilled fish fillet, but instead I tackled this dry piece of cardboard. The salad, even with a smidgeon of Persian fetta, wasn't enough to make up for the fish.

Meng - Pad Thai with Prawns - $26
Meng wasn't happy with his meal - he said it was too salty and he couldn't get through it all. It's hit home hard that we're not in Phuket anymore =/

Princess - Seafood Pasta - $28
This looked really good from where I was sitting!

Cambot - Lamb Wrap - $21.5
I should have opted for this for a light lunch instead of the fish.

Aside from my disappointment in what I ordered for lunch, it was nice to sit outside in the beer garden with my pint of Little Creatures and unwind.

After lunch, Ling, Shallen and I went grocery shopping in Subiaco and then returned home to make dinner. I prepared the vegetables and Ling seasoned the chicken.

Roasted Chicken with Garlic, Rosemary & Sage
with Potatoes, Pumpkin, Carrot & Asparagus

We polished off everything. I struggled to stand up afterwards, but we finished it all. We spent the rest of the night playing Scrabble and had a relatively early night. What a long day!

What's next on our Active April agenda!?

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