Sunday 11th April 2010

On some weekends when I'm exhausted after a busy week or just feel like veging at home, I like to enjoy the simple pleasure of rice porridge. It's also great for hangovers after a big night out. Mum makes the rice porridge and sometimes a few dishes to accompany it. Sometimes I look in the fridge and find some ham or open a can of spam.

Today I felt like preserved beancurd. I don't really know how to adequately describe this little delicacy. It won't be for everyone. It certainly could be an acquired taste, if you could ever bring yourself to like it at all.

The beancurd comes in a small jar in the liquid that it's preserved in. They're cut into little rectangular pieces and you need a spoon to gently remove a piece. It's very fragile and will fall apart if not handled gently. It has a very smooth creamy texture. It's salty with a bit of spicy heat. You just eat a smidgen with a mouthful of the rice porridge.

Rice Porridge with Sambal Kang Kong & Preserved Beancurd.

Simple, warm, comfort food.

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