Friday 14th May 2010

Morning Tea at Work
Mum's Nasi Lemak

I love Mum's nasi lemak. I love nasi lemak. Period.

I was so hungry from skipping breakfast that I ate my lunch for morning tea.

For lunch the other day, Ramona and felt like taking a walk to get away from work for a break. We walked down to Hampden Road to have a coffee at the Dome. We shared some chips but I forgot to bring my camera to take a photo.

We also ordered a slice of cake but we had to rush to get back to work so had to have it wrapped up to go. I had it today with a cup of tea.

Gorgeous layers of strawberries, sponge, custard, jam, and a biscuit base.
The sides were smothered in a thin layer of cream and slivered almonds.

I rushed home after work to finish throwing my overnight bag together and get ready for our road trip to Dunsborough. We all managed to grab a quick dinner before leaving so we stopped in Busselton to get some KFC before making the last leg of the drive.

Potato & Gravy, Coleslaw, Chips and Hot'n'Spicy Drumstick.

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