Thursday 13th May 2010


Sadly, today is Natalie's last day with us. What better way to mark the occasion than to have everyone bring in some food and stuff our faces. It's what we do best.

I helped to set up the tea room when I got to work. With my cup of hot chocolate, it looks like I've just put out this spread for my morning tea. I don't eat quite this much for morning tea...

I set up my corn dogs with some tomato sauce.

Alice brought in some savoury scrolls from Brumbys

Crackers and Dip!

Leah baked parmesan cookies.

Sara brought in some pizza.

Ramona brought in some spring rolls and sweet chilli sauce.

Natalie brought in the cake. BLACKFOREST!

I managed to eat a whole slice today!

We're going to miss you Natalie!

More importantly, who's going to fetch me my soy ice coffees now?

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