Monday 3rd May 2010

I got up early to take the train to the Central Institute of Technology for an MYOB short course I enrolled myself into. I figure it might help open up some options for me in my job search.

They provided us with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Morning tea included tea and coffee and some muffins. I wasn't interested in these so helped myself to a cup of tea and sat outside in the fresh air. At lunch I was expecting a platter of sandwiches so I was pleasantly surprised to see they had organised catering for us. Hot pasta!

Penne with Bacon in a rich Tomato Sauce

Back at home I was proud of my day's achievements. I was able to go at my own speed through the learners manual and was more than three quarters of the way through. I was able to stay awake too! It helps when you're actually interested in what you're learning.

Beef Osso Bucco with Mashed Potato

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