Saturday 1st May 2010

I got up early this morning and went to IKEA with friends for breakfast. Yes, that's right - they serve breakfast there for the earlybird shoppers!

I had their HOT BREAKFAST for only $3.50!!

I got scrambled eggs, bacon, a sausage, hashbrown, half a tomato and baked beans. It's only $1.95 if you have it between Monday to Friday. Fantastic value!

Victoria and I shared a chocolate mousse - yum!

After a bit of shopping, we drove out to Swan Valley for lunch.

Elmar's in the Valley
8731 West Swan Road, Henley Brrok 6055

Elmar's Tasting Plate
onion beerstick, cheese kransky, emu salami, liverwurst, cheddar cheese, cabana, corn chips, gourmet bread, pumpernickel & kalamata olives - $19.9

I think we both agreed that the emu salami was the standout of the platter. It had a saltiness to it that would be perfect with a glass of dry red to wash it down with. Might have to by some next time I'm in the area.

We shared three beer tasters for $5

Barry's Pork Sausage - $17.5

Served with some sauerkraut and mashed potato, it was under the 'light meals' section of the menu and would be perfect for me for lunch, but for Barry it looked like a snack.

Taylor's Art & Coffee House
510 Great Northern Highway, Middle Swan 6056

We stopped here for coffee. There were only a few other people around so it was rather quiet. The weather was beautifully warm so we sat outside.

Soy Macchiato

I have to say, my coffee looked great, but after a few sips, the milk began to curdle and by my third sip, the coffee was starting to look absolutely horrid.

At first I joked that it looked like curry sauce. Then it started to look like diarrhoea. *puke*

Later in the evening I drove up to Landsdale. Benoit's dad made dinner for us and we all hungrily tucked in.

Crispy fried chicken

Fish with pickled onions

I loved this dish! I couldn't get enough of the pickled onions.

After dinner we went out for coffee at Hillary's.

Southside Drive, Hillary's Boat Harbour, Hillarys 6025

We finally settled on this place for coffee and cake.

Ivy had sticky date pudding with ice cream

Benoit had an 'Apple Sensation'

Looks like he enjoyed it!

Fee had the lime tart.

I had a glass of red wine to warm up and a cheese platter.

I thought our waiter was cute but ditzy - perhaps even a bit high. He had trouble understanding our order, especially when I asked what cheeses were on the cheese platter. He got back to me and I asked to have more brie instead of the blue vein.

I got blue vein.

I had to ask another waiter to bring me more brie. Yum!

It turns out that this restaurant is closing down after tomorrow. They've relocated to Mindarie. It did strange that the sign outside had been removed. It was like an unnamed restaurant.

Man...what a huge day of eating for me. I feel like I've driven all over Perth - wait - I have driven all over Perth. A total of 190kms today.

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