Saturday 8th May 2010

This morning we drove out early to Peron Point for a day of kayaking. I didn't have time for breakfast at home so we stopped for some coffee on the way and I grabbed a slice of raisin toast. I sat on the curb to butter and eat my toast - need the energy today methinks!

We lucked out with the weather today - absolutely gorgeous!

We paddled all the way to Matilda Bay where we dragged our kayaks out onto the sand and went to find lunch. We walked past the Matilda Bay Restaurant and headed to the little cafe, where we sat outside on a bench to eat our extremely unhealthy lunch.

Fish & Chips - there was like a kilo of chips!

Will our bellies full, we made our way back to the kayaks and paddled back the way we came. The water got really choppy as the day wore on and we were exhausted by the time we managed to get back to our start point. I was worried I might need to be rescued. Yes, my buffness sure was tested today. And my endurance.

At home, I polished off a small bowl of Mum's Fish Porridge. A small bowl because I'm going out tonight for dinner and drinks to celebrate my birthday early this year.

112 Mill Point Road, South Perth 6151

the Windsor Grazing Plate for 2
We shared this between about six people as a light starter.

Myself: Big Salad

After today's lunch, I could not stomach another fried meal so I opted for the salad on their specials menu. It sounds good as it came with smoked salmon and prawns. Big mistake - it was terrible. It pretty much was a large bowl of mixed salad leaves, a few slivers of red onion, three pieces of smoked salmon shaped into roses and a few prawns. I could barely taste any dressing and had to ask for some on the side. The dressing was rather bland. No zing, no zest. The prawns were the worse prawns I can remember ever eating. The had no flavour! They were either the frozen variety that they defrosted and boiled, or they shelled them before they cooked them so they lost all their flavour. Luckily Shallen was throwing bits of her pasta into my salad - chicken and kalamata olives - they really helped spice up the salad.

Ivy: Cajun Spiced Squid

Benoit: Steak & Chips

Cameron: Venison Shank

Ling & Shallen: Chicken Pappardelle

Jeff: Curry

I was only able to take photos of the food on my end of the table. I think overall everyone was satisfied with their meals - just not me *pout*

I suppose that'll teach me for opting for a healthy and lighter choice.

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