Wednesday 5th May 2010

There's a middle eastern dish of spinach and lamb that I absolutely love. One of the ladies I used to work with, who hails from Iran, made it a few times when we had special occasions at work and she always kept some extra aside for me. Nadine's family is from Jordan and she's been psyching me up to try her Mum's one day. She finally had the chance to bring me some and I had it at work for lunch today.

Spinach & Lamb
with Rice & Noodles

The rice had some noodles through it - I really enjoyed the rice! The flavours were mild and not over powering but so aromatic and delicious! I love spinach so much that I am willing to suffer the furry teeth after eating too much.

Fish Bee Hoon Soup

The fish was caught fresh by my cousins who are fishing fanatics. Mum says they've gone on a fishing trip up north with three boats in tow. Now that's dedication. Mum couldn't remember the name of the fish but it was delicious!

With lots of deep fried shallots and fresh spring onions.

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