Saturday 19th June 2010

Seafood Risotto with Saffron & Coriander

Oh My Gosh - this was utterly delicious - if I do say so myself!


Tonight was the long awaited and eagerly anticipated night out with the girls from work. We met up at the Spice Lounge, which had moved from its usual location due to the ongoing renovations of the area where the Atrium is. The Spice Lounge now occupies the lobby of the Intercontinental Hotel - just across from where it was before.

We ordered tapas plates (complimentary of the allowance we were given by work) and several rounds of cocktails.

prawns, chorizo, chicken skewers, toasted Turkish bread,
marinated olives and Persian fetta

The Persian fetta was absolutely divine! So soft and creamy. Some of us were dipping bread into it. Pity they don't give you some dip. Sundried tomato dip or an olive tapenade wouldn't have gone astray.

My Dirty Martini

We barhopped the rest of the night. We had drinks inside the casino at the Mesh Bar. We were quick to slam down our shooters of Vanilla Vodka before hurrying onto the next place because quite frankly, the bar smelt like puke. It was utterly disgusting. I might send a complaint to Burswood...

Next stop was Minq, which requires a ride up in the elevator. When the elevator doors open, you take a left turn and then you're plunged into darkness. The bar is very dark - they should think about some funky lighting. I love the cocktails there. My favourite has to be the 'Summer Pear'.

We got the munchies and went for supper at SNAX. Hot chips! We also had free coffee from the vending machines, courtesy of Burswood.

On the move again...we went into EVE. We had lined up at 9pm to get free admission (before 10pm) so that we were free to go elsewhere and then return later. We stayed there for a bit but the music really wasn't to our liking.

It was a fantastic night out and I am really going to miss everyone when our time at the lab comes to an end.

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