Thursday 24th June 2010

I bought some sliced Roasted Pancetta from the gourmet food store in Centro Maddington after work.

I raced home with my groceries and just before passing out from a hypoglycaemic attack, I managed to rip open a fresh bread roll from Bakers Delight, lay two slices of the roasted pancetta between the two halves, and gobble it down.

A few nights ago I marinated some chicken drumsticks - olive oil, ground paprika, ground cayenne pepper, ground coriander and sea salt. I put them onto a baking dish and placed them into the oven.

While dinner was cooking, I did some prep work. Chicken drumsticks were on special at Woolworths so I bought a few kilos. I like to buy my chicken when it's on special and freezing it in different forms for later use. Tonight I plucked the remaining bits of feathers from the drumsticks and divided them into zip lock bags. I didn't need to trip excess fat off because the boners (hee hee) did a great job of it themselves.

I prepared a few different marinades.

Lemon & Sage and Lemon, Honey & Sage

Masterfood's Portuguese Chicken and Honey, Soy & Garlic

Roasted Spicy Paprika Chicken
with Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto and Potato Mash

I steamed the asparagus in the steam from the boiling potatoes. A trick I've learned it to run them under cold water after they've steamed to keep that gorgeous, fresh green colour. I then wrapped them in slices of prosciutto, sprayed them with a bit of olive oil and then popped them into the oven for several minutes.

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