Tuesday 15th June 2010

I ate alot today.

Winter makes me hungry.

I made breakfast again this morning before work.

Bacon & Egg on Multigrain Toast

I am a neat eater. I think anyone who has seen me eat would agree. I like to slice my piece of toast into four strips. Then cut the strips into bite sized pieces as I eat, making sure to mop up all the delicious golden egg yolk.

Leah baked Carrot & Walnut Muffins.

I had some of Nadine's Mum's Spinach & Fetta Soup.

*Edit* Oops! Nadine pointed out that this wasn't her Mum's soup! Although it's her Mum's recipe, Nadine actually made the soup herself. I feel bad that I made the mistake, but I'm happy to know she reads my blog! =)

Mum made me some Mee Poh.

When I got home, I made some pasta for dinner.

Spaghetti with a Rich Tomato Sauce.

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