Saturday 17th July 2010

After the biggest night out I've had in yonks (yes I think I am getting old!), I slept in until noon and then dragged myself out of bed to answer my grumbling tummy.

Spicy Bee Hoon Soup with Beef Balls

I had to go run some errands but on the way home I stopped at 99 Seafood and bought some nasi lemak! I only intended to buy one for $2.90, but the owner asked if I wanted the last two for a discounted price of $5 for the both of them. It didn't take me long to agree!

Nasi Lemak

I love mixing the chilli into the coconut rice.

416 William Street, Northbridge

I made a reservation for 7:30pm and we arrived promptly on time, only to be told that the people who were assigned to our table (first service) had arrived an hour late for their reservation and so our table was not available.

Not happy Jan.

The manager was extremely apologetic and asked if we wanted to take a seat (five of us at a square table meant for four) while we waited for him to clear a table for us. We sat down and waited probably just under half an hour for another table to pay their bill and vacate their table so we could move to it.

I have to say, we weren't impressed with the people who arrived an hour late. By rights, they should have been told to wait for another table to become available since we would be arriving for our reservation before they would finish dinner, or told that they had to be out before we arrived so that they could have the table ready for us. I think what really saved the night was the efficiency of the manager and the professional manner in which he dealt with the situation. He wasn't rude or patronising. Very friendly manner.

I'd already looked at the menus online and everyone was happy to go with one of the set banquet dinners.

$32 per person BANQUET

1. Pork and Prawn Rice Paper Rolls

2. Boneless Stuffed Chicken Wings

I love these chicken wings.
They had little pieces of taro in them and really delicious crispy skin.

3. Chicken Satay Sticks

4. Fried Fish Fillet with Spicy Ginger Fish Sauce

5. Stir Fried Beef with Snow Pea

6. Boneless Roast Duck with Chinese mushrooms & Japanese Tofu

7. Steamed Vegetables with Oyster Sauce

8. Fried Rice

9. Steamed Rice

Prawns with Chilli & Garlic.
We wanted a prawn dish so we ordered this extra.

10. Azzura Gelati Kisses Ice Cream

As always, the food at Lido was really good!!

We shared a bottle of wine that I picked up on our recent trip to Margaret River.

Afterwards, we walked down Beaufort Street and had coffee at Exomod Coffee House at 615 Beaufort Street, Mount Lawley.

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