Saturday 2nd October 2010

Instant Ramen with Prawns and Tong Ho

After lunch I caught up with Benoit and Ivy for coffee at Dome in Southern River.

I asked for a soy macchiato with the soy milk on the side.

I got soy milk with the coffee on the side.

I made my own macchiato - nicely layered milk and coffee.

Asian Night Market for Charity

I've seen these Pasar Malam nights advertised over the years but have never had the opportunity to attend one. So, when Ivy sent me the invite last week, I leapt at the chance to go!

We were like wide-eyed kids walking into a food wonderland. There were stalls buzzing with the busy activity of people advertising their wares and delighted customers trying to decide what they wanted. Despite my growling stomach, I managed to do a lap of the stalls circuit before I had to buy a bag of prawns crackers to munch on while we made the tough decisions of what to buy to eat.

We purchased some booklets of $2 coupons from the organisers desk and then went off to decide how best to spend our money. We bought different dishes and then set up the picnic mat to share our food.

Mee Goreng

Jin Deui & Curry Puffs

Steamed Dumplings

Lamb & Chicken Satays

Chilliz Chicken & Rice

Chicken Curry

They sold the curry with 'roti', which turned out not to be actual roti, but rather those wraps that you buy from the supermarkets in the bakery department. They just toasted them so that they were a bit crisp but they lacked the fluffiness to be able to absorb the curry properly.

Rose flavoured Agar Agar

Our feast cost $40 in total. Sure, it was a bit on the pricey side but all proceeds are going towards a charity. Which charity? I do not know...

Benoit's great idea to use the styrofoam
containers to make bowls to eat out of.

It was no surprise that we met some of our friends there. Some of them joined us and they had the curry laksa that I would loved to have tried but it would've been too messy to share.

As the sun set and the night set in, the stalls turned on their portable lights and it looked more and more like the food markets you would find in Malaysia. Not to mention the throng of Asians surrounding us. All in all, a really fun, laid back night.

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